Double-Bar-O Angus Ranch in Esparto, California, phone 530-787-3228

Grain-fed Beef

Grain-fed and antibiotic-free, the Angus Beef from Fred Mana's Double-Bar-O Angus Ranch is all choice and prime cut, sold direct to the public!We are a family-owned ranch, and sell our beef direct to the public. Grain-fed beef is delicious, tender, and healthy for you. We raise our animals in a stress-free, humane and caring way. Our animals are calm and content. We believe that one of the major causes of toughness in beef is stress. We gently handle our animals.

Our cows enjoy the open green pasture and leisurely graze the fields. After the calves are weaned, they are fed antibiotic-free grain and hay, without hormones or other unnatural additives.

Angus cattle have superior natural marbling ability, very flavorful, and are well adapted to our California climate. As graded by the USDA, our beef consistently scores "High Choice" and "Prime". "Prime" beef is the top rating, and two steps above the "Choice" beef available in most supermarkets.